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The Australian Football League (AFL) has called off a sponsorship deal between its affiliated league in Europe and Brunei's state airline.

In August, AFL Europe announced it had reached a deal with Royal Brunei Airlines to fly international players between Melbourne and London as part of a sponsorship arrangement.

The most serious human rights problems were the inability of citizens to choose their government through free and fair elections, restrictions on religious freedom, and exploitation of foreign workers.

Other human rights problems included limitations on freedoms of speech, press, assembly, and association. Respect for the Integrity of the Person, Including Freedom from: a.

The sultan maintained effective control over the security forces.

In between episodes, a graphic pops onto the screen showing the layout of the plane, bisected by an arrow indicating the direction of Mecca.

PHOTOS: ' Duck Dynasty's' Phil Robertson and Other Stars Who've Made Anti-Gay Remarks As I'm reading up about recent Bruneian history and arcana, I sense that the young male passenger an aisle over has taken an interest in me. I'm just going to check it out," I tell him, accurately but opaquely. James (all names have been changed) is in his mid-20s and grew up near Seria, the biggest oil-producing region in the 2,226-square-mile Brunei and home to the country's Billionth Barrel Monument, a towering four-pillared arabesque statue built by the sultan in 1991 -- to commemorate exactly what it sounds like.

Local Islamic religious leaders have promoted the ban, warning that adopting the trappings of Christmas is tantamount to imitation of another faith, prohibited in some interpretations of Islam.

Officials from the Ministry of Religious Affairs have also reportedly visited local businesses to ensure they are not displaying Christmas decorations, including Santa hats and banners with Christmas greetings.

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