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“My children have been doing well in school, they have a lot of friends.I'm working in two practices, I have a lot of patients …Dr Josephine Barbaro is a Research Fellow at the Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre, La Trobe University, and Project Leader within Core Program 1 of the Autism Cooperative Research Centre (CRC).Dr Barbaro's research interests are in the early identification and diagnosis of autism in infants and toddlers, and family health and well-being following a diagnosis.

I’m 47 now, so to be diagnosed as a kid back then was a lot less common.We will first examine trends over time in the age and frequency of autism diagnoses in Australia to illustrate the substantial gap between the age that a reliable and accurate diagnosis of autism is possible, and the age at which children currently receive a diagnosis.We have been working within the Autism Cooperative Research Centre (Autism CRC) to reduce the age of diagnosis through the Social Attention and Communication Study-Revised (SACS-R).The rainbow-colored infinity symbol represents the diversity of the autism spectrum as well as the greater neurodiversity movement.Many autistic people prefer this symbol over any puzzle-piece based ones.

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