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We provide a full range of services including Small Business IT services, IT Consulting, Managed Services, Service Contracts, Denver Computer Repair, as well as many other IT options.

We provide a FREE 5 Minute diagnostic on your computer / laptop which will provide an assessment of the repair that is needed to restore your computer, laptop, notebook, or Denver Mac Repairs back to working condition.

This new system allows us to more effectively manage the large quantity of bench repair jobs and onsite visits we process on a daily basis.

In addition to making things easier for us internally, the new system includes a web element meant to [...]No company gets people excited for a new product like Apple.

Whether it's a new i Phone, i Pad, an entirely new product line like the Apple Watch, or something as routine as the next upgrade the Mac OS X, Apple's hype machine goes into high gear and has people chomping at the bit to jump in [...]Thank you Jeff for saving the day!

Some of these bugs can really incapacitate your whole system, to the point where you cannot even use it. With one quick phone call to us, our professionals will make sure your system is free of any bugs, and we will have you back online safely – virus, spyware and malware free.

This week we are proud to launch Lapin Care Active Support, a new service from Lapin Systems offering proactive, remote detection and identification of common Mac issues.

Our goal is to help minimize downtime, maximize productivity, and prevent data loss for all of our customers, both home and business. Peace of [...]Recently Lapin transitioned to a newer, more robust ticket-tracking and CRM platform.

At Geek Choice Denver Computer Repair, we diagnose and fix any of your PC or MAC issues – whether it be hardware or software related.

Our techs know how to get you back online, and fast.

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