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“Russian Economic Integration into the Asia-Pacific Region,” invited keynote paper at the Regional Academic Conference on the Role of Science and Education in Sustainable Development of the Far East, held in connection with the 35th Anniversary Celebrations of Vladivostok State University of Economics.

Analysis of changes in foreign and economic policy, with definition of the economic regions of Pacific Russia and Northeast Asia, including comparisons of macroeconomic indicators and indicators of economic integration.

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“Leontief’s Functions in Applied Economic-Mathematical Models for Policy Development in a Market Economy: From the 20 Century,” in Macro Models of Wassily Leontief and Development Prospects for the Russian and World Economies: Materials of the XXth Interdisciplinary Discussion of Senior Russian Academic Institutes, conference on the occasion of the 100 anniversary of the birth of Nobel Laureate Wassily Leontief, October 2006, held at Russian Academy of the Public Service under the President of the Russian Federation, with sponsorship of the Russian Fund for Fundamental Research (Moscow: Prospect, for the Russian Academy of the Public Service, 2007) (ISBN 5-98597-062-0).“Problems of Economic and Ecological Transformation in the Azov and Black Sea Areas (in the context of the interests of Ukraine and Russia),” in Economic Innovations, Issue 34: Conflicts and Economic-Ecological Safety in the Sea of Azov Region (Editor-in-Chief: B.

Burkinskiy), Odessa: Institute for Market Economy Studies and Sustainable Development, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 2008.

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