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So, no, it doesn't "work", and so in that sense it cannot be a joke, but the audience found it funny and, as Lee asserts during his stand-up shtick, it is a joke because it has the structure and rhythm of a joke.But then, in an acrid interview with his script editor, Chris Morris, Lee admits that the joke doesn't work, and grovels for forgiveness for its abject nature – "don't think I'm not ashamed of it", and admits that he wrote another bit on the end of the joke about it not being a joke just to try to cover up his initial comic incompetence. Lee, then, with Morris, is the only comedian – and that does seem an inadequate term for this intelligent, thoughtful, almost philosophical figure – who thoroughly critiques his act as he is doing it, and then critiques the critique, in his interviews with Morris, sometimes contradicting the first analysis, mostly ironically, sometimes not.Earlier this month, Sean posted an Instagram photo of his wife as she prepared for her final days of pregnancy.The singer wrote in the caption how stoked he is to have a bigger family with his true love.'WORDS CANT EXPLAIN HOW MUCH EXCITEMENT U BRING ALREADY LILL MAN I CANT WAIT 2 WELCOME U INTO THE WORld!!!!"Paul is also dating a much younger woman," the source teases.After Adrienne Maloof's split from Paul Nassif she rebounded with the much younger Sean Stewart.' Last December, Sean spoke to BBC News about becoming a parent and how positive he feels about it.'My wife's been doing a lot of preparation and warning me,' he said.'But I've always been like, "Arch, I'll be a great dad."'It turns out that the artist has been saying things that he might have to steer clear of as a father.'There's times when I'm talking out loud and I'm realizing that I'm going to have to clean that filthy mouth out!

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Busch is the second man whom Adrienne has romanced since splitting with her husband Paul Nassif in July 2012 after 10 years of marriage.

"It's real, it's genuine, they're very natural together," a source tells E! "They have fun together and he treats her like a princess."Busch, who is currently the face of Cigirex, the electronic cigarette, is an entrepreneur who loves business—something he and the former Bravo star share in common, thanks to Maloof's many business ventures.

The September cover star, who currently resides in both California and Florida, is not expect to travel with Adrienne to the East Coast this weekend while she promotes her vodka, as he has a family wedding in Missouri to attend, although E!

" Brandi snipes, "well she probably put it out there. Sean then hits on Brandi (the first of many) "When I first met you I thought you were really hot. We should go to dinner sometime." Brandi laughs "from one Housewife to another." She then asks, "Wait, so do you know Adrienne's new boy toy? She says that she doesn't believe he and Adrienne ever had sex.

She has friends at TMZ and these places and puts her little things out there."Brandi goes in right away with "she likes to party, she drinks a lot." Sean says "I've never seen her drink." Brandi bursts out in a cackle laugh. I've done my partying."Brandi "you don't party, you're sober". Sean shares, "I think we met at a dinner party or something. I mean, i don't want to get into that because I'm a gentleman."Brandi: "Did she get body makeup on the sheets? " Sean says "No, but I heard he is a really nice guy and she deserves to be happy." More flirting ensues and discussion of the size of Sean's package. I like making money." Brandi: "It's kind of a high, right? Getting back to sex, what's your favorite position? I thought that was low and it's why I lost respect for her. And then we discuss Sean's attractive family and then on to Brandi's nipples being hard. Sean then goes back to flirting, "What I like about you is that you're open and honest and just say whatever comes out of your mouth." Brandi says "It gets me in a lot of trouble. I feel like we're all censoring ourselves too much now and everyone's bland.

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