Tune up not updating album art

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The biggest problem with using i Tunes to get album artwork is that each song needs to have all the proper metadata: album name, song title, artist, etc.

If anything is missing or misspelled, i Tunes won’t find your artwork. A very simple software program called Tune Up works on both Mac and PC and can download missing album artwork for you.

Missing artwork in i Tunes and eventually i Phones and i Pads has been a problem for years now.

Unlike the last method, this will get the album artwork for all of the songs that don’t have it in your library.When I start a station based on a mislabelled song, the following tracks are appropriate and in-theme, but I still have to update the song myself.That's where the tools we're about to mention come in.Close ipod app, transfert your songs to the ipod and the thumbnails should appear. with i Tunes recent update to artwork, this is how I got the new artwork over to my i OS device. Restarting the device wasn't necessary, and, although turning i Tunes Match back on warns you that the music on your device will be replaced, this apparently doesn't apply to music you'd already pulled from Match (as was the case with all the tracks on my i Phone).I should also note that I had to turn the Use Cellular Data setting on while away from Wi Fi (easy step to miss!

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